Monday, September 24, 2012

The Crime Statistics Make Us so Proud

According to Police Officer Anthony Miller, during the time period Sept. 1 through Dec. 7, 2011, 42 cars parked on the streets of Happy Island were hit by other vehicles. The statistics do not indicate how many of the offending drivers were drunk, but we assume that some of the accidents resulted from folks over-medicating in Soulard bars. Who says that our bars don’t have an impact? Thanks to Paul Kjorlie for keeping after the police to provide this information.

This blog used to provide crime statistics, taken from police reports on-line. However, the site was discontinued. When we asked the police department why the statistics stopped, we were told that the department no longer subscribed to the service. We guess that the best way to fight crime in Soulard is to deny that crime exists. Case closed.

As an aside, there were shots fired in Soulard on Labor Day (Sept. 3, 2012), late in the evening. We happened to talk to a police officer, who said that brass (shell casings) was found at the alley between 10th and Menard where it connects with Lami, between 1007 and 1015 Lami (owned by Soulard In-Fill Assoc. L.P.), and some more was found where the alley met Barton. All in a days work.

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