Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brian's Legacy on Happy Island

The August, 2012 primary votes are in by precinct and show that Brian Wahby didn’t even carry the sixth precinct in the Seventh Ward. The sixth precinct basically covers Soulard, the home of our very own sleazy Mardi Gras, also known as Money Grab.

Wessels received 132 votes, Brian garnered 110 votes, Jones obtained 67 votes and Boyd trailed with 60 votes in the August primary for Democratic candidate for Treasurer for the City of St. Louis.

In his election literature, Brian boasted of the fine management of MG, implying that his contribution was greatest of all. His website carries a posting dated June 12, 2012, explaining:: “Brian Wahby has served in a volunteer capacity as Chairman of St. Louis Mardi Gras Foundation for the past 10 years. Over the course of his leadership, the Mardi Gras team has increased the number of visitors significantly, attracting thousands to St. Louis, spending their money at area hotels and restaurants. The economic impact of Mardi Gras is a boost of $23 million to St. Louis’ economy every year.” This makes it sound as though the MG team has been spending the money of the attracted visitors. Probably not far from the truth.

Anyway, Brian’s site continues with a quote from Joanie Thomas, owner, Joanie’s Pizza: “Mardi Gras, under Brian’s leadership, has provided a financial boost to Soulard merchants. He’s worked closely with the small businesses. The event is always well-organized and the leadership treats the neighborhood with respect. Brian understands how to be a good steward.”

Excuse me! Mardi Gras turns Soulard into a public urinal, filled with trash and trashy people. It would be closer to the truth to say that with Brian’s help Mardi Gras has turned Soulard into a sleazy neighborhood. Everybody has their hands out to take money from those seeking another excuse to self-medicate. Stomp on that historic district and it’s residential potential.

So, despite his “heroic” contribution to the prosperity of Soulard, he still didn’t carry the precinct. One can only ask: Is something rotten in the state of Happy Island? The Political Eye column in St. Louis American newspaper (Aug. 30 - Sept. 5, 2012) stated: “To name a few highlights on Wahby’s resume, his unilateral laundering of money for Slay during the last mayoral election, while many on the committee did not support the incumbent, angered many members.” Was Brian doing the same in Soulard, laundering MG proceeds to benefit non-contributing politicos and friends?

Meanwhile, as though nothing happened at the polls, Brian continues to tweet every little thought that pops into his hollow head, as he pretends that he has something to contribute. We hope everybody tells him to keep on dreaming.

P.S. And, according to the Post-Dispatch, Brian spent the most on the primary campaign, a cool $200,000, all to acquire bragging rights for last place. Keep up the good work, Sleazebag.


Anonymous said...

Hey, man, like I can't believe Brian didn't have a better showing. He should have demanded a recount, man. Especially on a close race like this primary was.

Anonymous said...

Brian told me he grew the facial decorations so he would be more intimidating. Looks like the plan backfired, because he intimidated the electorate out of voting for him. Good show, Brian.