Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another story of life on Happy Island

Paul Kjorlie passed on a story about the kindness of strangers. It seems that one of our long-time neighbors, an older lady who lives on South 11th Street, returned to her home late in the evening after grocery shopping. The time was about 10:30 p.m., Friday night, November 16. (“The handicapped parking spots are easier to find at that time of night,” she explains.)

She continues: “When I came around my car, loaded with groceries, and headed for my gate, I saw there was a man lying in front of my gate.

“Not knowing if he was ill, injured, drunk or playing a ruse, I was very frightened. I tried asking if he was injured. Without saying anything, he sat up, but immediately fell back down again. I returned to my car, put the groceries back and called 911.

“Two cars came. They prodded and pushed and eventually got the man up. Staggering and whirling around, he made his way south on 11th street.”

She concludes: “Not only did the police rescue me, but they even carried my groceries in for me! Now that’s real public service!”

We agree. Thanks, Paul. Thanks, police.

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