Friday, August 10, 2012

The 7th Ward's (Almost) Favorite Son

Wow, did Brian Wahby get his head handed to him in the primary election for Democratic candidate for Treasurer? That’s an understatement. After years of glad handing, smarmy Brian finished nowhere near the money in the August 7th primary.

The results spotlight Brian's lack of magnetism: Tishaura Jones won (with 13817 votes, 34.92% of the total), followed by Fred Wessels (10411, 26.31%), then Jeffrey Boyd (10092, 25.50%) and, finally, Brian, who garnered a distant 5250 votes, or 13.27% of the total.

How to explain this showing? Well, for one, his elegantly trimmed facial hair didn’t seem to do him any good. One person commented that he seemed a caricature of some kind of Lebanese bandit, a reflection of his attitude towards the position of Treasurer. Another said he looked like a mad magician, vainly trying to hypnotize the electorate.  Whatever.  He obviously spends too much time in front of a mirror.

We are sure that his attitude is that his loss is St. Louis’ loss. Never think that Brian doesn’t believe in his own talents, such as they are. Launching himself from behind the petticoats of Slay and the Democratic Party, for years he has prowled City Hall, settling scores behind the scenes, meddling, advancing his personal agenda, pretending, bullying. Now the voters have called his bluff.  He is revealed as nothing but a pathetic gasbag.

His focus as chair of the City Democratic Committee can only be described as sinister, as he has made free use of party funds for “expenses.” The same can be said of his years of affiliation with Mardi Gras, Inc., directing money where it will do him the most good. We have related how he sought favorable treatment from ward committee persons by distributed free $100 tickets to attend one of the all-you-can-eat and drink “party tents” during that disgraceful fest in 2012. We understand this is only the tip of the iceberg.  His influence over MGI is underlined by the fact that he used the fancy, refurbished MGI headquarters for campaign meetings. He has keys to the place. It figures. MGI is nothing but a nest of rats.  Look what they have done to Soulard.

When he entered the race, what was Brian thinking? That he is loved? He didn’t even carry his own ward. He came in third, only beating Jeffrey Boyd. Of course, the good news for Brian from Aug. 7 is that he retained his position as 7th Ward committeeman, garnering 925 votes and only challenged by 39 write-ins. Yes, that race was uncontested.  It was Brian's kind of race.

So why is he a committeeman and chairman at the same time? Why didn’t Brian have any competition for 7th Ward Committeeman? Because (1) Nobody else could fill Brian’s shoes, or (2) Nobody wants to sit on a dirty toilet seat, or (3) Nobody gives a rat’s patootie, or (4) Whats on second base. Any other suggestions?  Let us know.


PT theIslander said...

Any links to back up your words?

Anonymous said...

The information about Brian's giving out free tickets to committeepersons to a Mardi Gras drunk came from a real live committeeperson, who turned down the offer. This person also provided the information that Brian has the keys to the MGI offices. The info about Brian's use of the Democratic Committee as a source of cash to cover "expenses" came from The vote tallies came from the website of the Board of Election Commissioners. Do some research on your own. Google Brian Wahby and see what unsavory stuff comes up. There is a bunch of it.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the links