Friday, February 18, 2011

Pilgrim's Progress in Historic Soulard

We were so impressed when we read this item in the December 8, 2010 Soulard Restoration Group Board of Directors minutes:

"Sultry Donuts - William Billiter is requesting a letter of support from the SRG for a variance for occupancy permit. No liquor license being sought. Darcy Thomas - Studio Durham Architects was also present. Billiter wants to ‘bring Johnny’s feel to donut shop.’ They will offer fresh pastries, donuts brought in, coffee, juice, boxed lunches and soft drinks. The wateriness (sic) (waitresses?) will be scantily clad wearing lingerie, bikini’s (sic) and theme outfits. There were several questions about location, reason for the business and what kind of neighbour (sic) he will be. Billiter and Thomas were very willing to answer any and all questions about the possible business. Billiter has no plans at this time to serve alcohol. A motion was made by Billy Tomber to vote to provide Sultry Donuts with a letter of support on behalf of the SRG to change their variance from residential to commercial in order to obtain an occupancy permit. Motion was seconded by Jim Price. The motioned (sic) failed 5-2. Michael Pastore motioned that the SRG write a letter to P. Young and William Billiter stating that the SRG cannot support the opening of Sultry Donuts as presented. The motion was seconded by Dave Perry. Motioned (sic) passed unanimously with two abstained."

Other board members present included: Sean Cochran, Paul Sharp and Sherry Ruebusch. According to the minutes, Jay Morris and Roger Power arrived late, and Alice Stellhorn was not present.

What impressed us was the fact that a titty donut shop has been suggested as a contributing business in our historic district. What a wonderful way to further exploit and degrade what used to hold promise as a nice residential area.

But you cannot fight city hall - in all its ignorance - so we applaud Billy Tomber and Jim Price for their far sighted support of this project. As everybody knows, Jim blandly sells insurance and Billy edits The Soulard Renaissance, the neighborhood newspaper you see scattered all over the streets. We only wish that Billy would step up and take credit for his vision of the future of Soulard - as ground zero for a titty donut shop empire spanning the globe. If only he would print a story or a picture of himself in The Soulard Renaissance, so we could get to know him better, so we could gain further insight into his intellect, such as it is.

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