Friday, February 5, 2010

Collector of Revenue: Real Estate Taxes in Soulard Under Control

We have run several articles regarding real estate taxes being in arrears for Soulard businesses, including Clementines (2001-2003 Menard: two years in arrears, amounting to $10,309.91) and Great Grizzly Bear (1027 Geyer: three years in arrears, amounting to $22,066.20). We sent an e-mail - printed in the blog - to Collector of Revenue Gregory F. X. Daly on Jan. 27, 2010 asking about these two properties. We are impressed that The Honorable Gregory F. X. Daly is too important to respond, but delegated the matter to a talented underling. Following is the response:

"In regards to the businesses and property owners listed.

"I would like to clarify this information for you.
Both of these businesses are in compliance. The property is owned by a
separate entity and is not tied to the business. Any delinquent real
estate goes through our regular delinquent process.

"Should you have any further questions please contact:

"Thomas Vollmer, Deputy Collector of Revenue, City of St Louis, 314-613-7357
"Sincerely, Pat Ortmann"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for nothing, Gregory ABCDEF XYZ Daly. Our wannabe mayor can't collect the taxes, but he sure do have a good excuse. Contribute to the budget troubles of St. Louis, jerkface, and pass the buck.

Anonymous said...

This becomes all the more infuriating now that we find that the City can't afford to pick up trash w/o charging a new fee ($144/household/year). Now the City is growing and adding properties to the tax roles. Presumably they're getting more people to spread the budget to?

How about enforcing the laws about taxation, and let the scofflaws contribute too?