Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Summary of Crime Reports, Soulard

Madame Chouteau wanted to produce a one year summary of crime/incident reports for Soulard from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department - as recorded on the official department website at http://safecity.slmpd.org/index.htm. Unfortunately, the site only displays reports for the last four months. Thus, following are the statistics from 9/1/2009 through 12/31/2009 for the Soulard neighborhood.

1 sexual assault: 1100 block of Lynch, reported at Saturday, Dec. 26.

5 robbery

4 serious assault

21 burglary

104 theft

40 stolen autos: it is interesting to note that there is a cluster of auto thefts reported near the intersection of Sidney and S. 13th Streets, which is the location of the bridge over I-55 connecting Soulard and Benton Park. It seems that traffic enters Soulard at this point with the intent to steal an auto. Also, there is a cluster along S. 8th and S. 9th streets and extending several blocks on both sides of Russell.

1 arson

2 domestic assault

1 minor assault

3 weapons

2 drugs

12 peace disturbances

1833 service calls, including 23 assaults, a large number of auto accidents, assist motorist, etc. on I-55, 142 disturbances, a carjacking (800 block of Geyer, reported Nov. 6), etc.

More detailed reports on crime in Soulard and Benton park can be obtained by visiting the site of The Messenger, Informing Soulard and Benton Park, an online newspaper. The address is: http://sbpmessenger.com./ We welcome this effort and we appreciate the work of Teresa Moss, the editor.

We wish to add that the only murder that we know of in the neighborhood was reported on June 14, 2009 at 1 a.m. at 2117 S. 12th. This information is from the Post-Dispatch Murder Map, 2009, and we have no additional information about the matter. Anybody having any information about this or any other crime in the neighborhood is invited to send their contact information to us so that we may obtain additional details for possible posting on this blog.


PT said...

Thank you ma'am. One thing that could contribute to those two clusters is the lack of home front windows facing those areas. At least I think that is part of the problem on 8th by the church and gas stations.


Anonymous said...

I think Soulard would be better off investing in cameras and hardware and having those cameras monitored than spending $250,000 per year having Hi-Tech police cars driving endlessly around the neighborhood. It also might be helpful if those on the special taxing district board reported on a successful arrest and conviction every once in a while. Has there been such a case?

Anonymous said...

cameras are a great idea, i agree