Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Minding our Pets, Displaying Courtesy

The following comments are from a Soulard neighborhood e-mail blaster

Hello all,

I am still somewhat new to the neighborhood and getting acquainted with how things work around here. So far living in Soulard is fantastic, but I am having some issues with folks not cleaning up after their animals in front of my home on 11th st. This has happened several times over the past couple of months. I have never seen the culprit(s) so I can't ask them to stop or to pick up the mess. Is anybody having or had the same and how have you dealt with it? If you know someone who knowingly leaves there animal droppings on other people's property please pass this along as it very discourteous and they should begin to clean up after there animal.


Domenic Marcello

And a response:

I second that emotion. I always clean up after my animals when I walk them, whether it is on sidewalks, in tree lawns, public parks or the dog park (if there has been a time I haven't, it's because I ran out of bags during the walk, but I always try go back after and pick it up as soon as possible....)

It is both irresponsible and just plain rude to leave your animal's waste, no matter the size, etc., on public property or some other person's private property.

Even if it is in the tree lawn, the homeowner whose property is adjacent to that tree lawn is responsible for maintaining it, e.g. cutting the grass, and it is very frustrating to have to pick up some other person's pet waste prior to mowing the tree lawn. Sometimes I really consider putting the asphalt back that was there before I bought the house so I won't have to deal with it...

Dana Brackeen

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