Friday, August 28, 2009

Addendum: Elicia's Pizza Driver Kills Neighborhood Dog

The following e-mail regarding the Elicia’s Pizza delivery driver accident was opened on Friday, August 28 and was immediately posted in its entirety. For additional information, please see the preceding blog posting.

"Hi, I am David, the owner of the Elicia’s Pizza located at 3209 Gravois, and this letter is in reply to the incident that happened in Soulard last weekend. On behalf of myself, my driver and the entire crew of Elicia's Pizza, we extend our sincerest condolences to the owner of the dog, along with his family and friends.

"The entire staff of Elicia's Pizza would never intentionally hurt any animal. Several of my employees are animal lovers and have rescued and adopted animals, including myself and my general manager.

"My location works with many of the non-for-profit organizations, schools and churches on a daily basis to help make our community a better place to live.

"The delivery driver who is accused of hitting the dog does not believe he ran a dog over. He is a family man who has 6 children and pets of his own. He has stated that he would never intentionally hurt an animal.

"It was not confirmed that a dog was hit in Soulard until late Tuesday afternoon and that dog belonged to one of our customers. The following day a sympathy card was sent to the owner.

"Throughout the last twenty–four hours I have made several calls, and replied to several emails regarding this situation. There is so much hearsay going around as far as what happened. If you read each and every post and email, the story changes. Examples:v "The manager asked the owner of the dog, "What do you want me to do? Fire him?" That was never said. My manager couldn’t even get two words in through the phone call when she spoke to owner. Some emails saying the gate was open some saying the gate was closed. The day that it happened changes. This happened Friday August 21st, some post / emails say Saturday and the lady who I spoke to last night thought it was on Sunday.

"I have spoken to the employees involved who spoke with the owner along with the delivery driver, and here are their stories.

"Friday night, August 21st, as he has done for the last fifteen years, he left on a delivery going to Soulard. As he arrived on the block, he made a right and parked on the side of the house, grabbed the bag of food and exited his van. He had to walk around the corner of the block, and down the sidewalk to get the front gate of the house. He opened the gate, and proceeded to walk up the sidewalk, then up the steps on to the front porch. As he approached the front door, the screen door was closed, but the main door was opened. As he started to knock, two dogs came to the front door and started barking. After about a minute the owner came to the door. The owner tried to get the dogs back so he could come out on the front porch, but after a few minutes the owner just opened the door, letting the dogs out. The driver was surprised that the customer let the dogs out since he could see that the front gate was opened.

"The dogs started jumping on the delivery driver trying to get the food that he was carrying. The driver asked can you get the dogs off of me. The owner paid for his food while the dogs were running up and down the sidewalk and into the street.

"As the delivery driver started walking back towards his van, he heard the owner calling for the dogs to come. Since the dogs were outside of the gate the driver left the gate open so the dogs could get back into the yard.

"The driver rounded the corner and got back into his van and left. Please keep in mind that the van was parked on the side of the house. The driver returned to the store for his next delivery.

"The shift manager received a call from the customer, according to our phone log one hour and forty three minutes after the order was placed, saying that his dog got hit by one of the delivery drivers. The shift manager told the customer, I am sorry, but I will need to have my general manager call you in a few minutes.

"Shortly after that, the general manager spoke to the owner of the dog to find out what happened. She listened patiently as the customer told her what had happened. She asked what kind of dog it was and before she could get any more information, he suddenly got upset with her and said, "You just don’t care do you?" and hung up on her before she could say anything else.

"Unsure what to do she called the police. When my manager spoke to the police officer, the police lady said that they do not write reports on situations where an animal was hit, but did say we can send an officer out to that location if we would like to file a complaint of a dog running around unleashed. If that was the case we would issue a ticket to the owner of the dog (please call the police department to verify this) My manager told the officer that we did not want to file a report.

"I want to give everyone all of information that I have been told. This is from an email I received tonight. I do no know if this is true, but I want to be honest, and let everyone know what I have been told. I am passing this information along to everyone. This was from a neighbor who said that she and her children did see the dog get hit. She did say that it was my delivery driver who hit the dog, and again I am sorry that this did happen, no matter who hit your dog. She also did say in her email that they did believe that this was an unfortunate accident.

"Elicia’s Pizza again, would like to offer our condolences to the owner of the dog. To help heal the pain of our community, Elicia’s Pizza will be contacting the Stray and Rescue organization in Lafayette Square to plan a fundraiser in the owners name to benefit future animals and their needs.

Elicia’s Pizza"

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